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INCI Name: Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate (and) Triethyl Citrate (and) Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil
Dosage: 0,5%
dermosoft® decalact deo is a natural deodorant active blend with antimicrobial properties. It is liquid and easy to handle. The synergistic composition is highly effective against microorganisms causing body odor. Results from an in-vivo study prove the 24h-deodorant activity as comparable or superior to benchmark products.
The active substance is dissolvable in the water phase (to 40°C) as well as in the fat phase (to 60°C).

Recipe suggestion

Deocream for Roll-on

Phase A

4,0g coconut oil, grated.
1,5g Jojoba oil
2,0g emulsifier GSC palm oil free
1,5g Zinc Ricinoleate
0,5g Decalact deodorant
1,0g Citric acid ester

Phase B

36g water
1Knife point Allantoin

Phase C

1,3g Glycerine
0.2g xanthan gum

lactic acid (2 drops), roconsal, possibly fragrance

Heat phase A and B separately to 80°C. Dispersing well in each case. Then add phase B to A and stir at high speed.
Then stir lightly to hand heat. Mix phase C and add to phase A/B. Work in and continue to stir gently.
Then conserve and check the pH value; if necessary, work with lactic acid.

Finally, add the fragrance of your choice.


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